Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Tradition

We, as a family, tend to do something crazy every Thanksgiving. And well after a long day today, I've determined that the crazy thing this Thanksgiving is that we actually made it to California okay and actually turned out to be a pretty good Thanksgiving.

Dad, Mom, Sarah, and I got to California yesterday afternoon. After we got to the house, we were welcomed by a few family members who were already there. We gave each other hugs and kisses and hung out all afternoon. And as the night moves on, more and more family members showed up.

For dinner, we had home made Chinese food. It turned out to be the only dinner we have as a family sitting around the dinner table. (We have a huge family, if you didn't already know) We prayed first for our family members who couldn't make it back stateside for Thanksgiving and pray that they will not only have a happy Thanksgiving, but a safe one also. We then prayed for the safety of our troops overseas and all over the world, because we know when one family hurts, we all hurt. Lastly, we prayed for Sean and thanked God for giving us so much happy moments with Sean. And at the same time we thank God for taking care of our little buddy, after all, we all know that his 2nd favorite holiday was Thanksgiving.

After dinner on Wednesday, all the little cousins got together and had a backyard football game. (Family tradition, first night is kiddies football, second night is adults football night, and last day is usually when everyone joins in) As we sat around and watching the little kids play, I couldn't help but see myself from years ago. The way I would make the strangest and craziest catch by fooling around. And at the same time, I couldn't help but saw Sean. He sure love playing football during Thanksgiving.

We spend rest of the night planning our Black Friday routes, listening to Grandpa's story from when he was in the Army, playing poker, watching the city lights from the porch, and of course, enjoying each others company.

Thursday morning, I think everyone slept in and didn't eat much at all for breakfast or lunch. We sat around watching football games and talking football, the world, and of course, our military lives. After a long day of waiting, it was finally dinner time. We didn't sit at the table this time, but instead grabbed our food and sat right in front of the TV as we watched the Texas and A&M game.

And as Beasley took that hard hit, trust me, the entire family was thinking of the same thing I was. I think we as a family all held our breath.

And we all let go of that breath when Beasley gave the Hook 'em sign:

At least we know he didn't hurt his spinal cord. That's one good news. Anyways, after eating and having many different types of dessert (my favorite is still pumpkin pie), everyone went in their car and drove out to a secret spot that Uncle Jeff picked out.

An empty parking lot. (For the last two years, I've sat out playing football with everyone, I just can't get around the grass, it's hard on myself and the chair, so trust me, I was excited to see the parking lot)

And just like that, we used the lights on the vehicles and played good old fashion football. I caught a few passes that was pretty cool and even scored a TD. It was a great game.

I just couldn't stop smiling, feels good to be playing again, even if it's a family football game, it felt great.

We drove back to the house and sat on the porch listening to another one of Grandpa's story and drinking hot chocolate. As we sat on the porch and look down at the city lights, we said a last prayer of the night.

Pray for the families of all those who are deployed, of the ones lost at Ft. Hood, and most important, for Veterans who make all this possible.

Sure is a great Thanksgiving if you ask me.

Tomorrow's Friday and well, most of us are going to take part of the Black Friday shopping events. Some of us went to bed early while some of us (like me) is staying up playing poker, watching TVs and so on. Strangely, it is also my Dad's birthday tomorrow. (I haven't got him anything so...hopefully I can pick up something shopping around tomorrow) So we'll be celebrating his birthday before he flies home.

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving week football!

Texas at Texas A&M- 49-39

Alabama at Auburn, 26-21

Oklahoma v Oklahoma St, 27-0

Maryland v Boston College, 19-17
UMiami at S. Florida, 31-10
Florida v Florida St, 37-10

Texas Tech at Baylor, 20-13

Washington v Washington St, 30-0

LSU v Arkanas, 33-30 OT

Notre Dame v Stanford, 45-38

USC v UCLA, 28-7, poor UCLA, they were pissed! Haha

Navy at Hawaii, 24-17


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