Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life is full of surprises

It's hard to believe that soon, I'll be a senior. Hard to believe, I'm actually technically legal. It felt like years ago, I was just some five year old kid looking to pick a fight with anyone (or even better a game of pretend war with my rifle that makes shooting noises when you pull the trigger)

Damn time goes by fast.

But really since when have I not sleep for 3 days and still function like I slept for days. My guess is probably the recent activities and along with the Mother's Day excitement, I haven't really been affected by such no sleep activities. That, or, it'll catch up with me soon.

So let's catch up with recent activities:

I even forgot how many days ago when my Mom told me that my 5 year old cousin, Sean, would be staying with us until his Dad comes home. Now Sean is what I call the Double Brat, meaning, both of his parents are in the military. And with his Dad deployed and Mom soon to be, my Mom's idea to bring the family closer to each other. I had no objection to how long he'll be staying since we're pretty close. So, couple weekends ago, Mom and I went to pick up Sean.

Was I in for a surprise and I'm sure Mom was when Aunt Becca told us the news about Sean. Long story short, a couple months ago, Sean was diagnosed with brain cancer. And he still acts like he's on top of the world. After a long goodbye we drove back home and all Sean could talk about are how hungry he is for fries. Boy...got to love the innocent mind.

Really, with that news, I don't know what to think. But thinking back to when I first receive the bad news, I turn out alright. I might not have cancer, but really, I turn out alright. And looking at Sean, I know he'll be fine.

Which got me curious to know more about cancer. One night, while Sean passed out watching Wiggles, I read all I can and know somewhat little about Sean's condition and what to expect. Now, little things he does and say still catches me off guard.

Beyond that, I had to get ready for Mother's Day. Before Dad's deployment, all I had planned was for my parents to go out for a day and relax. But with Dad's deployment and Sean's stay I came up with something fast. After making breakfast for her and after Sunday Mass, I drop Mom off of this Day Spa and brought Sean out to the mall for some fun. Dinner went great and the food was amazing, and no, I didn't cook, we went out.

After getting home and we were just about to start a movie, the phone rang and extremely surprisingly, it was Dad. I knew the time limit he might have so I hand the phone right over to Mom.

For some reason, I got a feeling Dad actually made her Mother's Day that much better. Damn it Dad, always want to be a step better than me. Just kidding, of course, I love you Dad, thanks for calling it was good to hear your voice again.

Well now after AP testings and with finals and the move on their way it seems as if nothing have stopped moving. Between taking care of Sean, homework, studying, and packing, I guess I just haven't find time to sleep.

Maybe I'll crash soon. Just hope it's not during the finals...


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