Friday, July 30, 2010

New Business: Web Comics

My friend Kert and I were talking about jobs. We both agreed that we need a job and somehow got into the conversation of starting our own business. At first it was a general fun and games then came my somewhat genius idea:

Me: or you know what we can do. start a web comic site. like cyanide&happiness! all of their different artists are from all over the world! and they're famous!
Kert: omg yes!
Me: i mean it we should start! start small like on a blog or something and then go big with our own domain!
Kert: OMG YES!
Kert: I'm totally down

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So, what started as a jokingly idea is now coming together into something that is potentially amazing. Kert and I both have the means to actually start a web comics "business" and we're truly excited to start this process. Who knows, a two-man/woman team might grow into a squad someday.

Before we can get started, however, Kert and I need your help. We would like to hear your suggestion for a web comic title! Any suggestions would be great! No idea is too lame or no suggestion is too stupid! If you have a suggestion (or suggestions) for this web comic, please leave a comment or contact me!


Elizabeth said...


Kert said...

A friend of mine suggested "Nayru"

RP said...

Good going Matt! Wishing you and your friend the very best for this new business :)
I had a suggestion for the title , if I may share, K-Matty'Comics ??
anyway wish you the best again...hope you have a great week ahead :)
take care

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