Sunday, November 28, 2010

Memory Visit

Dad, Sarah, and I spend the weekend in Oklahoma. Yesterday was Dad's birthday and he planned something for the entire family to enjoy.

We left Grandparents' house early on Friday morning and drove to Stillwater, Oklahoma, where Mom spend her undergrad years there. After eating lunch at Red Lobster, Dad took me around town. We took what he called a "memory visit" and went around the places that Mom loved, that Dad and Mom went and enjoyed the nice weather in Stillwater.

We ate Dinner at one of Mom's favorite place, Eskimo Joe's and walked around downtown Stillwater. Dad told me things about Mom that I never knew before. He told me about Mom's college days, he told me about Mom's love for OSU football and her love for her major and the people around her. Dad even told me how he and Mom met. About their first date and their first OSU football game.

We spend rest of the night and morning in our hotel room. (Which I must say that I am extremely impressed with Best Western. Our room was accessible, had a roll-in shower, lowered vanity areas and toilet. It doesn't get anymore accessible than this) Dad slept for most of the time, I think he just needed to catch up on his sleep from all the missions and the miles we covered within these few days.

Yesterday we ate small breakfast in the hotel and spend time in the pool area. I think Sarah loves the water as much as Mom does. We dropped off Sarah at one of Dad's friend's house and drove to Boone Pickens Stadium, where we met a few of Mom and Dad's friends for a tailgate party. Yesterday was the big game, OSU vs. Oklahoma and trust me, the tailgate party doesn't get any better than that.

We had a great time. Mom's friends talked about Mom as if she was their own sister. We ate, drink, and celebrated life. We celebrated the game and at the same time, celebrate Dad's birthday and the memory of Mom.

We didn't get back to our room until late. I helped Dad get a new plan with Verizon and canceled the phone plan he had with Mom. I think even though Dad seems excited about his new Blackberry Bold 9650, he was sad and hesitant of taking this step. The step of canceling something that Mom had. I think we were both hesitant but it's just another step in our lives. And we're taking it very slowly.

We drove home early this morning then got a bunch of baby proof items to baby proof the house. Sarah's getting active, wanting to walk everywhere herself so I think it's that time we actually baby proof the house.

Truth be told, I haven't heard Dad talk this much in a long time.
It was a good weekend.

Happy Birthday Dad
and thank you, Mama.

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