Sunday, November 21, 2010

We'll Be Alright

After attending an event for a psychology extra-credit, I stopped by a coffee shop and brought a small pastry. In ways it was my time away from Sarah so I thought it's nice to take a break and people watch for awhile.

As I was ordering my pastry, I saw a couple walked into the shop with a stroller. The couple looked like they recently graduated college, got married, and now are the parents of a 4-months old boy. As I sat next to them and listened to their conversation with their friends, I wondered if that was how Mom and Dad were. I wondered if that's what they did an a Sunday afternoon and I wondered if that's how they spend their casual dates and visit with their friends.

Behind me sat a family of three, parents and a daughter. As they laughed and talked about some game on their cellphone, I smiled. I thought of when I was young and about our family outings we'd take when Dad was home. As the parents converse with their daughter, I could hear my parents' voice. I could hear Mom's laugh and Dad's never ending challenge to beat the game. I could see myself laughing and smiling like there's no tomorrow.

I smiled as my mind wonders on, it was as if the clock was turned back for our family. It was as if everything was alright and cancer never entered our lives. It was as if our family is whole again.

Or maybe, we were never broken to began with. I'm not sure.

As I was about to leave the coffee shop, a Dad and a 3 year-old girl walked into the shop. Her words were unclear and at the same time adorable. Her gestures were out of this world. I thought about Dad and Sarah as I made my way to my car. And during the drive home, I thought about Mom, Dad, Sarah, and our family.

A voice from the depth of my heart spoke as I turned into the drive way. "Dad, Sarah, and I will be alright. Mom may not physically be here with us but she's here in spirit. Mom may not be living in the house with us but she lives in our hearts. There will be difficult and unbarring times. There will be bucket full of tears and sadness. And there definitely will be hate but I think...I think we'll be alright."

I am sure we'll be alright.
We'll have Mom and God's blessings every step of the way.

Right, Mama?

Enjoy this week's Weekly Tunes, everyone, and remember to NEVER take your family and loved ones for granted.


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