Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crazy Birthday Dinner

Couple days ago, I got invited to one of my high school friend, Tiania's birthday dinner. Since her birthday was on a weekday (Nov 30th) she decided to move the dinner to Friday to accompany everyone's time. She just turned 21 and of course, thought it would be a great idea to go eat at BJ's Brewery. I excitedly accepted her invitation and was looking forward to the dinner all week. I had no idea who was going to the dinner nor do I really care. It's Tiania's 21st and we were all going to make sure she'll have a blast at the dinner.

After picking up several friends, we got to BJ's around 2130. I was greeted by Tiania and her college classmate, Steven. Several minutes later, Julia and her boyfriend Billy (both good friends from high school, Billy and I were teammates) showed up followed by Pedro (yes...that's his name, not legal name but we call him Pedro) and Justin. As we were waited for the machine thing to go off telling us our table was ready, we caught up in each others' lives. We talked mostly about college and what our lives had been like after high school. Though there were some awkwardness between us, it eventually died down. It was like high school again, hanging out with a group of friends and not thinking about tomorrow.

Then, about 15 minutes into our wait, someone I least expected walked through the front entrance of BJ's with a decked out biker outfit and a helmet in her hand.

My ex-girlfriend. (Let's call her...X)

X greeted Tiania and everyone else then stood directly in front of me. And just like that, the awkwardness grew. She said a simple "hi" to me and asked if she could pet Dosh, of which I nodded my head to the request. As X petted Dosh, the awkwardness grew bigger, X and I had what I would call a crash and burn relationship. It was well for awhile then everything went to hell and I truly did not expect her to be there at the dinner. There was an elephant in the room and somehow I had to get out of it, I had no plans to see X any time soon and out of the respect for Tiania, I decided to stay for dinner.

I used Dosh as an excuse to get out of BJ's lobby area. "I'm going to take Dosh out before dinner." and went outside. Minutes later Billy came outside for a smoke

Billy: "I can't believe it's X in there, it really is her."
Me: "I can't either, dude."
Billy: "You haven't spoke or seen her in awhile have you?"
Me: "No."
Billy: "I don't blame you."

We didn't get our table until 2240. Rest of dinner was decent, everyone enjoyed themselves and ordered drinks for Tiania while I did my best ignoring the fact that X was sitting right in front of me during dinner. (Though we later find that she is an ultra-light weight and started getting sick after drinking a Mojito and a Cocktail. Sick as in REALLY sick. Ya she had the Asian glow but...none of us expected her to get that sick. Guess that's what 21st is all about )

We ate, drank (those of us who can), and talked about everything. Spend half an hour watching Tiania laughing and blabbering about the paintings on the wall, the lamps, some guy sitting next to us with a ring, and the chairs they got at BJ's. Tiania was so out of it she started to think my chair was more beautiful than Julia It was great seeing someone that drunk.

We left BJ's as they were closing up. While some friends helped Tiania into Pedro's car, the rest of us talked again then went our separate ways. Since the motorcycle parking and the handicapped parking were next to each other, X and I had what would be one of the longest conversations we've had in a long while.

X: "It was good seeing you, Matt."
Me: "Ya."
X: "I miss you."
Me: "When did you start riding?"
X: "A couple months ago."
Me: "I see, nice bike."
X: "Thanks, you should come ride with me sometimes."
Me: "We'll see."
X: "I miss you, Matt."
Me: "I better get going, it's late."

I guess X thought it was a "nice" gesture to hug and kiss me goodnight.
Not okay.
I backed my chair up and went to my car.
There's a reason why we're not dating anymore, X. Think before you do anything you and/or I will regret.

Crazy night I tell ya. Though I had a good time, mostly.
Hope you guys had a good week and Friday night.
Enjoy your weekend.


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