Monday, September 20, 2010

30,000th Tweet

Tonight, I had the confirmation that I got no life.


I just reached 30,000th tweet tonight.

So I went ahead and took about 50 minutes to tweet something huge. You can read it here. But I know that after awhile, Twitlonger will delete a post so here it is again for good measure:

For my 30,000th tweet, I'd like to stop and thank all my followers for continue to follow me and put up with my crazy amount of tweeting. You guys are some great group of people that I have ever had the fortunate to know.

Shout out to my friends from TS: @BMarieeXO @AnthonyMonroe @kayPHAYCE @AshleighAshler @Keruto_ @DollhouseDolly @You_AreTheMoon @EjMarie @whoadangsam @ibjennileeg @cummins_redneck @BrainDeadUnit @tr0ut @Nerse @KimMcCash @The44thDegree @moonchild91 @Merc_ @brent0n @kerplunknet @DuckyTheSex @KateMarshhh @therealmargaret You guys are truly awesome! :D

Special shout outs to these military folks that was constantly there when I need it the most. Through life's craziness, you guys made it easier. I have no idea how to thank you. Truly, from the deepest part of my heart. Thank you, @avgordsuprgddss @slhoppin @knottienature @wishsong1976 @usmcwife8999 @silvrstar @ASUMIDN @jlsemmel @traumleben @Armywife89 @armygirlnay @MyArmyWifeLife @MyArmyLife @tammymunson @5414Productions @armylovelife @MeganWrites1 @Armywives101 @ArmywifeJulie @DeltaWhiskey1 @whiskey_kitten @ArmyMom101 @Beth_Wilson @mommytaco @barnettashleyk @DAR_Smith @ArmyWifeBethany @sespi @navynest @sara0120 @SDcali4649 @HellcatBetty @Hopeful91 @WifeyofaSailor

Also special shout out to @md_oppenheimer for knowing the craziness of having SCI and constantly giving me pep talks to help me keep going. Thanks dude.

And lastly to @chemo_babe for being so strong. For constantly reminding me Mom's will to fight a horrible disease. And in ways, you remind me a lot of Mom. Your strength and will is simply amazing. Thank you, so much.

Again, thanks to all my followers! 30,000 tweets and still going strong. Also, confirmation of no life completed :P Thanks again guys!

So, 30,000 tweets. I can hear the people telling me I have no life.
I know I don't have a life. I tweet and blog about the laughs, the tears, the troubles, and the joys and milestones in my life. Sue me for wanting to release my pain and for wanting to share my happiness with the world and the people around me. I have "no life" and I am freaking proud of it.

Thanks again guys for reading my blog and my tweets. Can't say enough thank yous. You guys truly rock.

Every memory, pain, suffering, and joy are more than for yourself. We have friends and families to share every single moments with us for a reason. Because they, just like God, loves you very much.


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