Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week of August 8th, 2010

Yesterday I decided to take a trip with Sarah in honor and memory of Mom. One of the many special thing I used to do with Mom is just to take a random trips. Trips where there is no particular destination. We just drive and stop when we wanted to and stop when we discover a place that's cool or places that's just Heaven on Earth and undiscovered by the majority of the population.

Sarah and I took that trip today. Needless to say we stop by the mall and the Apple Store (Again, I got hooked on the iPad they had on display) so I can get new headphones but we took the trip and found an amazing place that is truly Heaven on Earth and that was when I decided to keep this secret place between Sarah and myself. And when Dad gets home, we can make this our family secret spot.

On the way home, I thought of Mom and Dad. I've always looked up to 'em for guidance and need but slowly I realized I am learning more from them than I initially believed. I see the love and relationship between 'em that can not be broken by deployments, sickness, or even death. And not too long ago, I vouched for myself to do the same in the future.

This song reminds me of my parents' love for each other. No matter the time, no matter the distance, I have a feeling they'll love each other till the day after forever. And I also have a feeling this is what Mom said to Dad when they last talked.

Oooh if our maker calls and takes me,
And leaves you here alone,
Don't be sad because I'm not that far away,
Once again hand in hand we'll walk the far side of the moon,
I look forward to lookin' back with you,
Oh baby,
I look forward to lookin' back with you.

Craig Morgan's Lookin' Back With You

I love you Mama


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