Saturday, August 21, 2010

She Misses Her Too

After hours of trying to put Sarah to bed, I finally got her to fall asleep.

I was so sure that Sarah was full of excitement because she stood up by herself today. She grabbed onto my wheel and with a push, she stood up. All on her own. I was (and still am) proud of her. She's growing up so fast and exploring the world around her.

So when she sat in my lap and didn't fell asleep, I thought she was just still too excited to sleep. I didn't think Sarah would miss Mom. I just didn't even think that was possible.

Or maybe I was naïve.

As a last resort I played one of the bedtime stories that Mom had recorded and I put Sarah right in my parents bed and lay right next to her. Within minutes, she felt asleep.

I guess she just needed to hear Mom's voice and be in my parents bed.
I didn't think Sarah would know Mom when she only knew Mom for 4 some months.
I didn't think Sarah would remember Mom.
I didn't think Sarah would miss Mom.

But I was wrong.
She misses her too.

She misses you too Mama. She's missing you too.
I love you, Mama.


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