Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday Hangout

Yesterday while I was waiting for Tiania at our meet up place, I saw a couple in their 60s or even possibility 70s. As I rolled by 'em, they were talking in a language I didn't recognize but I could tell they are madly in love. They talked, smiled, laughed, and even kissed.

For some reason, I couldn't help myself but smiled. I guess it's those things in life you smile and thank God for.

I bumped into someone in a chair while I was crossing the street. He saw my chair and I saw his and we both said, at the same time, "Nice chair." We went into the same coffee shop then talked about our chairs and our injuries like we've known each other since rehab. He was a complete stranger but funny how "close" you get with a stranger when you both have some things in common.

While Tiania was stuck in traffic, I rolled around downtown and saw this couple that are around my parents age. They were enjoying their lunch together and just one glance at 'em reminded me of my parents. I wondered what my parents would be doing on date night if Dad wasn't on a mission and if Mom was still here today. I wondered what they'd say to each other. And for that moment, I felt a pain coming from my heart.

I hurt for my parents. For the number of dates they were able to go on in the past and the number of dates they won't be able to go on in the future. I hurt for 'em, knowing that no distance can break their love for each other but it is also this distance between Heaven and Earth that's breaking both their hearts. And that makes me wish I can take Mom's place.

I said a quick prayer for Dad's safe return from his mission and thanked God for taking care of Mom and Sean. I prayed that they are both flying freely in Heaven and asked God to continue to bless our family. Mom always said, "Everything, EVERYTHING, is a blessing in disguise."

The rest of the day was pretty good, Tiania and I hung out and talked about our summer and caught up with each others life. We stopped by the Apple Store and talked about Macbooks, iMacs, iPods and even iPads. I told her about my wants and needs list and she told me about her wants of moving out of her parents' place. And of course we talked about college and how much we both miss high school.

We had pizza for lunch, ice cream, and sushi for dinner. It was good catching up with a friend from high school. A good day for the most part and extra good when Tiania told me she knows yesterday wasn't a date. Which is good because I don't need her thinking it was and have her end up kissing me or something. It sure wouldn't be fun explaining that to Nicole!

How was you guys' weekend?


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