Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Crying for Love

Climbed into my parents' vehicles and made sure it still runs.
I found letters addressing to me, Dad, and Sarah. It brought me to tears but at the same time, I hope there are more letters elsewhere.

I'm crying for love.
God I miss her, I love you Mama.


Matt said...

That's beautiful Matt. She's absolutely right in the letter and I hope that you find more letters elsewhere.

Matt said...
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RP said...

Matt thank you so much for sharing this...its so touching,really. What lovely pearls of wisdom she has said.
I wish you the very best in everything you do. Hope you excel in every endeavor , cross every hurdle and achieve your dreams and make your mama proud!
God bless you all...
Take care
Hugs and warmest regards,

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