Saturday, December 12, 2009


I've said before that football is constantly a bitter sweet moment for me. I've said before that when I see other people in both football and JROTC uniforms, I get jealous of 'em. I've said before that when I see/hear people talking about joining the military or their new journey through the military makes me happy and at the same time, feel pain behind all measures. I'll try to steer away from that topic today to mention something powerful and amazing.

And that, is the power of Brotherhood.

Today's the Army and Navy game. It's a game that I have been watching since I can remember. It's a game that all the families of two very different branches come together in the battle to see who is best. It's the day you'll hear people screaming GO ARMY and GO NAVY, all day. If you saw the game today, you'll remember what one man said. "For once, two good guys come together and fight."

1944 Army Navy Game

And you would also remember what another man said, "After this game, both teams come together in brotherhood." And that is truly what makes this Army and Navy game so great. People came from all over the nation, from different nationalities, to come and serve their country. They thought about playing football but most importantly, they thought about serving their country. And it is with each of their dedication that makes this yearly fight so nerve wracking.

At the end of the day, no matter if you're an Army fan or a Navy fan, I think everyone can agree with me the gratitude we have for not only the players but for everyone who went above and beyond the call of duty. At a time when others are unsure of their future, these Cadets and Midshipmen already knew what they wanted: serving their country. At the time other college students may be sleeping and slacking off, they are up and at it with their day and studies.

No matter how bad they tease each other. No matter the amount of Squid jokes or the Grunt jokes, they know that together, we serve a country greater than ourselves. They fight not only on the football field but together for freedom, for this great country, and ultimately, for the Brotherhood.

And that...sure make me feel damn proud to not only be an American but part of the greatest family in the word: The United States Armed Forces family.

Good game, Army.
Good game, Navy.
To the Brotherhood. HOOAH!


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