Friday, April 3, 2009

Three years and it's not supposed to bother me...

Three years and it's not supposed to bother why am I so upset...

It's been almost three years since I got hurt and trust me, these three years, I have heard a lot of shit said to me. I have heard a lot of insults and guff. All the words that were said, somehow, I never let those get to me.

And today, some simple talk with some girl with no harsh words anywhere along the conversation, I was offended and soon, turned extremely upset. I got hurt three years ago. Four some years ago, I was another guy looking around to get fame through football and maybe other ways to get around. I was just another freshman thinking I am on top of the world. Three years ago, I became a new man.

And I still wonder why at the most random times, little shit in life upsets me to an extreme. I wonder why I am here doing what I do. I wonder why I get up every morning to put on a smile for me and everyone else.

Just a small talk that got me extremely upset. I might not even go to the ball. And for the rest of spring break, I know what I will be doing. Sitting in my chair and wonder about the what ifs. And somehow hoping that this is all a dream and when I wake up, I can walk again. I can step on the field again and every thing will be just the way it was four years ago.

Dream on're in it for good....


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