Thursday, April 23, 2009

ERs really need some fixin'

So...bad day.

Good to start off, good weather, good breakfast, great day till I found out my catheter is blocked for some reason. Fuck.

So I called up Mom and have her excuse me and I drove to the ER hoping to get help with this situation, I need to, or else it just might be death or worse...AD. (Autonomic Dysreflexia)

After getting to the ER, like usual, it was packed. Ok ya no problem, I went up to the nurse and told her my situation and she stared at me and said, "We'll fix you up in no time."

Usually with situations like this, I usually get first dips before the guy complaining of a small cut on his hand or say...chopped off finger. Don't worry, I didn't see anyone like that today, just a couple old people and some kids and this one dude that got banged up during a car accident, nothing big, really. So after looking around, good thing, I can go back to school before I miss anything too major. Can't believe I was thinking that because I never made it back to school. Spend more than half the day waiting at the ER.

I can't wait half a day, that would really kill me or like I said, worse. Look up Autonomic Dysreflexia, you'll know how serious it is that I get this situation taken care of. I was at this point, freaking out. I was starting to have headaches, I was sweating (you're probably thinking "big deal" I sweat. Look up spinal injury and sweating, you'll know ABs-able bodied- and people like me don't sweat the same) and legs are starting to feel cold.

Scared, yes I was. I didn't even want to think about the what-ifs when they're not going to fix me up. So I asked to be seen and still same answer, "We'll see you soon."


When I opened my eyes again, I was laying in bed with this nice IV in my arm. A nurse told me they fixed the situation and if I want to go home I could. I asked what happened, they said I passed out then they gave me some Hydralazine, some Clonidine and other meds and I'm good to go if I wanted to.

Yes, I want to. And it was already 1600. Crap, school's over. I called up Mom and told her I'm fine and was on my way home. Extremely bad and eventful day. I got some Prazosin and Clonidine as a goodbye "gift" from the ER.

So...what I got out of today?
ERs no longer stand for Emergency. More like "Er, I'm still waiting."

When are they going to change that?
Just glad I'm home and for once, happy that I'm studying for the AP test coming up soon.


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